Eric-Theodore Yepao Explores Ethical Investing and How it Can Work For You

Out of Paris, France, Eric-Theodore Yepao Discusses Ethical Investing

How Ethical Investing Works

Investors can choose individual companies for their investment based on their appraisal of the company’s goals and principles or invest in ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) mutual funds. Investing in a mutual fund means that you will need to take the investment company’s word for it to choose an ethical investment. However, these funds do have oversight on the corporate level.

Questions You Should Ask

Here are four questions that you should ask before investing in a sustainable company:

1. What Are the Impacts of a Company’s Products?

Not all ethically responsible companies will have a positive impact in every ESG category. For example, wind farms have an excellent reputation for creating renewable energy. However, they can also cause harm to birds and wildlife in the area. Ethical investors should look into problems like this one, finding out what mitigation efforts the company is making to lessen their products’ negative impact.

2. How Do Consumers Use Their Products?

This can be a tricky situation to parse, but Eric-Theodore Yepao presents some useful examples to guide your search.

3. What is the Production Process?

Out of Paris, France, Eric-Theodore Yepao Discusses Production Processes

What You Should Look For In A Fund

You should look for ESG funds that are well-documented. You will need to know the answer to all three questions posed above as a jumping-off point. When you consider a fund, you will need to know that you can trust the investment firm to create a working vehicle to do good.

Ethical Investment Can Work For You

When investors think about doing good in the world, their thoughts often turn to ethical investments. Understanding how companies do business and how they make money is key to knowing whether investing in them is an ethical decision.



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Eric-Theodore Yepao

Eric-Theodore Yepao

Eric-Theodore Yepao is an ethical investor who has dealings in Paris, France. He is the CEO of Nordland Holding Europe GmbH.